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Targeted Messages
How to convince new audiences to book direct
Lily McIlwain · December 07, 2020
“Our challenge was, ‘how do we quickly speak to a new audience that we’re not used to?’” T...
The new rules of engagement: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and seasonal offers
Holly Groom · November 22, 2020
And just like that, the holiday sales season is here. With everything hotels have had to c...
Frustrated by lack of booking engine personalization? Here’s how targeted messaging can help.
Holly Groom · October 31, 2020
The most frequently-cited pain point that hotels experience with their booking engine solu...
Navigating COVID-19 border restrictions: How two Macau hotels drove local bookings with creative marketing.
Holly Groom · October 31, 2020
When the government called for support in March this year, the team at Grand Lapa Macau an...
Customer behaviour is changing post-COVID. Here’s how your website messages should adapt.
Holly Groom · August 01, 2020
The way that website users interact with content is changing post-COVID. The personalizati...
How smart hoteliers are using website messaging to fill their rooms
Lily McIlwain · May 25, 2020
What's the secret to securing bookings on your direct website? Based on the good news comi...