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"An easy way to drive higher booking volumes": How improving the mobile experience increased this hotel's conversion rate by 29%
Lily McIlwain · June 30, 2020
Mobile bookings: A surprising COVID-19 success story It's clear that one of the most funda...
Hotels in crisis can still win: How to adjust strategies without jeopardizing your future
Alisa Voitika · February 24, 2020
The rise of Chinese travel in the last two decades means that the proportion of travelers...
Bracing for the future in a Google-first world
Lily McIlwain · February 17, 2020
"They're using their tactics to squeeze these entities that are delivering real service......
The Direct Booking Playbook: Build your own strategy for direct booking success
Rob Funnell · February 05, 2020
There is no quick fix you can make to increase your hotel’s direct bookings. Investing in...
[WATCH] How to build your hotel's direct booking budget for 2020
Alisa Voitika · November 08, 2019
From staff training to SEO and relationship management to retargeting, knowing how to bala...
[WATCH] Could your acquisition strategy be costing you direct bookings?
Alisa Voitika · November 05, 2019
The Direct Booking Summit is always a hub for conversation on the latest and best acquisit...