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America or Asia? The surprising truth of metasearch success
Rob Funnell · August 27, 2019
The potential customer’s searcher region is a particularly unique variable when it comes t...
Auberge Resorts Collection: "Triptease does a great job leveraging data to optimize our bidding strategy"
Alisa Voitika · August 23, 2019
Auberge Resorts Collection is a portfolio of extraordinary hotels, resorts, residences an...
[WATCH] How to make the most of metasearch with Google and Triptease
Rob Funnell · August 21, 2019
Google Hotel Ads is a popular price comparison tool for hotel searches on Google, and its...
Winter or weekends? The surprising truth of metasearch success
Rob Funnell · August 08, 2019
A successful metasearch bidding strategy is far from one-size-fits-all. Adapting to macro...
"Without rate parity, you better stay away from metasearch!"
Alisa Voitika · August 08, 2019
In our upcoming webinar, we'll be speaking to Hotel Hero Dr Jan Sammeck, Director of eComm...
[WATCH THE WEBINAR] Metasearch: What hotels get wrong
Lily McIlwain · August 01, 2019
Watch webinar recording There's something wrong with the way hotels are approaching metas...