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This is not your average virtual event.
Lily McIlwain · November 18, 2020
Suffering from Zoom fatigue? Us too. From pub quizzes to pictionary, it feels like we've a...
Hotels in crisis can still win: How to adjust strategies without jeopardizing your future
Alisa Voitika · April 28, 2020
The rise of Chinese travel in the last two decades means that the proportion of travelers...
Agoda eases inventory access: "There will be no difference between B2B and B2C rates"
Alisa Voitika · November 21, 2019
The online booking landscape might have just got even more complicated. Agoda, the controv...
Amoma ceases trading: "Offering the cheapest price does not guarantee conversion"
Alisa Voitika · September 19, 2019
Online travel agent Amoma - subject to the ire of many hoteliers due to frequent rate unde...
[WATCH] What do hotels need to do to prepare for Strong Customer Authentication?
Alisa Voitika · June 22, 2019
Written across European Union law at the beginning of 2018, the legal obligations for Stro...
Google launches hotel search site: "This could undermine OTAs"
Lily McIlwain · March 24, 2019
Google has launched a full destination search site for hotel listings in a move that could...