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[WATCH] How to make the most of metasearch with Google and Triptease
Rob Funnell · August 21, 2019
Google Hotel Ads is a popular price comparison tool for hotel searches on Google, and its...
[WATCH] Why acquisition and conversion tools work better together
Holly Groom · July 24, 2019
Google's launch of a full destination search site complete with a range of new hotel filte...
“The knowledge gap between hotels and OTAs is the biggest challenge facing our industry.”
Rob Funnell · May 24, 2019
Triptease’s new Hotel Heroes programme was launched with the aim of bringing together the...
[WATCH] "There's a massive difference between hotels and OTAs on metasearch"
Lily McIlwain · April 24, 2019
Why does metasearch matter? That's the question with which we opened our most recent webi...
"Google seems to be taking over the role OTAs play in the guest journey - and doing a better job."
Lily McIlwain · March 22, 2019
We've been keeping a close eye on Google Travel for a while now, so when they quietly anno...
Google launches hotel search site: "This could undermine OTAs"
Lily McIlwain · March 20, 2019
Google has launched a full destination search site for hotel listings in a move that could...