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Hotels in crisis can still win: How to adjust strategies without jeopardizing your future
Alisa Voitika · February 24, 2020
The rise of Chinese travel in the last two decades means that the proportion of travelers...
Bracing for the future in a Google-first world
Lily McIlwain · February 17, 2020
"They're using their tactics to squeeze these entities that are delivering real service......
"Big hotel groups have a lot to learn from independents"
Alisa Voitika · December 03, 2019
In this special edition of Ask the Hotel Heroes, we’ve sat down with two of the founding m...
Agoda eases inventory access: "There will be no difference between B2B and B2C rates"
Alisa Voitika · November 19, 2019
The online booking landscape might have just got even more complicated. Agoda, the controv...
Ask the Hotel Heroes: "Retargeting is cheaper than acquiring new guests"
Triptease Team · November 05, 2019
Each month, the Hotel Heroes - our panel of trusted hospitality industry experts - answer...
"The balance between the direct and OTA channels has fundamentally changed."
Alisa Voitika · October 07, 2019
This article was contributed by Blessy Townes, Vice President & Head of Digital at Dis...