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Navigating COVID-19 border restrictions: How two Macau hotels drove local bookings with creative marketing.
Holly Groom · October 31, 2020
When the government called for support in March this year, the team at Grand Lapa Macau an...
NEW: How Triptease Meta is driving double the average booking volumes for hotels
Lily McIlwain · October 21, 2020
Metasearch is a crucial channel for capturing and converting lower-funnel demand, particul...
Mobile bookings and changing search intent: What you need to know about your guests right now
Lily McIlwain · August 04, 2020
Towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the virus’s effects were first starti...
"An easy way to drive higher booking volumes": How improving the mobile experience increased this hotel's conversion rate by 29%
Lily McIlwain · July 10, 2020
Mobile bookings: A surprising COVID-19 success story It's clear that one of the most funda...
How one budget hotel chain is outperforming the market despite COVID-19
Lily McIlwain · June 19, 2020
Despite the continuing impact of COVID-19 on global travel, we're still hearing stories of...
Market recovery: How booking habits, device preferences, and lead time are all changing
Lily McIlwain · June 08, 2020
Triptease tracks search and booking behavior across more than 10,000 hotel websites all ov...