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Make sure guests book on your website

Hotels are being undercut by OTAs 27% of the time. Our parity monitoring and Price Check tools help you to manage and optimise your parity so you can offer guests a trusted, fair price.

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Monitor and fix every disparity

A live feed of every time a guest searches on your website and you're being undercut by an OTA - with downloadable screenshots to prove the disparity happened.

Identify the patterns that are causing disparities, recreate the search, resolve and mark as fixed

Parity Reports & Surge Alerts

Get daily or weekly email reports straight to your inbox, for a quick check on the performance of your hotel or hotel group.

If your disparity rate is higher than usual, we’ll send you Surge Alert so you can fix the problem asap.

Show guests your rate is best with Price Check

Here's how it works

  1. A guest searches their dates on your website or booking engine

  2. The Price Check widget is delivered via a Front Desk message

  3. Your guest can see that your direct price is as good as or better than the OTAs, plus you can offer them additional direct booking benefits

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