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Learn from every interaction to continuously improve your website

With Triptease Insights you learn from every interaction, message and every hotel in the Triptease community. Use industry-leading data to understand your guests' specific - and constantly evolving - booking behavior.

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Triptease Insights dashboard featuring Direct Bookers per week, plus conversion funnel, direct booking bar chart overview and product specific tool tips

All your direct booking data in one place

One simple, quick view dashboard with everything you need to know about your Direct Bookers and website visitors.

Easily check your conversion funnel and see a clear picture of direct booking trends over time.

Learn from industry benchmarking

Our machine-learning algorithm is tracking conversions across thousands of hotel websites to constantly improve messaging.

Benchmark yourself against peers and identify specific areas in which your website can improve.

Use conversion data analysis to target the right customers

Monitor which types of website visitors have the highest conversion rate, bookings and ABV. Discover your most-searched check-in dates and deliver relevant offers and messages to your guests. Our team of data scientists use the latest technologies to continuously uncover new conversion optimisation insights.

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We're improving the Direct Booking Platform and building new tools
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