Context is key. Learn from your activity and results to build new direct booking strategies confidently. Benchmark your performance, take an action from every insight and work with our team to drive continuous improvement for your business.

Learn from industry benchmarking

Our machine-learning algorithm is tracking conversions across thousands of hotel websites. Benchmark yourself against similar hotels and identify specific areas in which your website can improve.

Metrics that drive actions

The Insights Dashboard is designed to help you test and learn. Whenever you see the target symbol on a chart or graph, you can instantly create a message for that specific audience.

Variant testing that you control

Easily set up and run variant tests for your website messaging. Monitor performance and learn what works for your customers.

Coaching from industry experts

Our global team of Direct Booking Coaches are here to help you every step of the way with tailored advice, reports and expertise.

Reach the most valuable guests first with intelligent traffic acquisition
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Track undercutting and take ownership of how your rooms are priced
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Increase conversions with personalized experiences and dynamic messaging
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Own your customer relationships with automated live chat
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Access the numbers you need to build your direct distribution channel
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Learn from your results to plan direct booking strategies confidently
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