uplift in revenue from parity
saved by improving parity
undercut rate reduced from 27.5%


Yays has created a new travel and stay concept with a collection of 130 boutique apartments in carefully restored historic buildings located in vivid neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Concierges staffed by natives and partnerships with nearby businesses allow visitors to live like locals and unearth the cities’ hidden gems. It’s opening in Paris and Antwerp in 2018.

Yays’ goal is to forge a strong connection with its guests by offering a unique, personal and local experience. Through a partnership with Triptease, Yays can be sure that starts the moment guests begin planning their trips.

We chose Triptease to boost direct bookings through This was to build direct relationships with our visitors and offer more services to truly personalise their experience.

Femke van der Meer E-commerce executive at Yays and Short Stay Group


Trust is the bedrock of all relationships and with Triptease Yays can give prospective guests absolute confidence they are getting the best possible price.

It uses Triptease’s Price Check tool to display its rates against those offered by OTAs and its parity technology to get full visibility of prices being offered elsewhere online.

It’s a successful combination.

Early on the product helped us resolve some pricing issues on our online distribution channels. Now I log in to the platform every day to monitor and manage our parity.
Triptease offers an easy tool to check the live disparities. There are a lot of visual graphs within the tool to show the trends to identify any issues.
It provides easy to read and useful data which helps us to unlock our growth potential, drive more direct business and connect directly with our visitors.

Femke van der Meer E-commerce executive at Yays and Short Stay Group