The Brown Hotel

Location: KentuckyHotel type: Independent
293 Rooms
Hotel type: Independent
293 Rooms

Before we started using Triptease Meta, I can only imagine how much revenue on metasearch we were missing out on!

Corie Murray Revenue Manager

Triptease helped us significantly decrease the cost of acquisition!

Data recorded 1 April 2019 - 30 July 2019
Objectives Solutions Results
To reduce their dependence on OTAs to bring business to their hotel, and to drive more direct business through their own website. The Triptease Platform provides tools for hotels to both attract and convert guests - independently of any OTAs. Triptease tools work all the way from search to the booking engine - bringing high-value guests to the website and helping them to book direct. $787k incremental revenue influenced by interactions with Triptease’s tools.
To decrease the number of price disparities guests were finding online. The Parity Management dashboard shows hotel staff a real-time view of the price disparities their customers are seeing online.

Monitoring and viewing the details of their disparities means The Brown Hotel can take immediate action to resolve them.
17.70%Conversion rate when in parity or offering a better price direct, and the Price Check widget is visible on the hotel website.
To lower the cost of acquiring guests by boosting their metasearch performance. Triptease Meta adjusts every bid to ensure that the right budget is spent on every guest. Looking at demographic, behavioural, room availability, parity and CRS data means bids are calculated to maximise traffic quality and ROAS. 13 ROAS with Triptease Meta.

$21.5kRevenue generated with metasearch.