Strand Palace

Strand Palace
4 star independent hotel
788 rooms
Central London
additional revenue per year

Triptease's Direct Booking Platform has brought us closer to our customers by building trust through price transparency and reminding guests the value of booking direct.

Ben Chapman Director of Revenue

Strand Palace is one of London’s most iconic hotels. In 2015, they noticed that more and more bookings were coming from OTAs, and acted quickly to reconnect with guests plus save on those commissions.

Strand Palace have been successfully tackling their parity since the birth of Price Check, but they are also quick adopters of the constant innovation at Triptease: just 6 months after implementing their first Enchantment Message, for example, Strand Palace recorded £600,000 in additional revenue from this alone.

We’ve seen such great results since implementing the Triptease Platform and being able to see clear revenue through their tools makes continuing to work with them a no brainer.

Ben Chapman Director of Revenue