Small Charming Hotels

Small Charming Hotels
Small Charming Hotels
5 hotels across Prague, Czech Republic
291 rooms in total
Average increase in conversions
Increase in one hotel’s direct bookings

As soon as I saw the platform at Triptease’s Direct Booking Summit in 2016, I knew it was a must-have tool for our hotel. I log in to the platform every day to manage our parity - Triptease lets me take action quickly, saving valuable revenue from being lost.

David Murárik E-Commerce Strategy Manager

Small Charming Hotels chose Triptease with the aim of educating their guests about price transparency and driving direct bookings through their website.

Both aims have been achieved in incredible style. Since going live with the Direct Booking Platform, conversion rates have risen by an average of 34% across all five of their properties - with one hotel’s conversions increasing by an incredible 67%.

We’ve seen such amazing results through the Triptease platform. The team have been helpful and attentive since the start of our relationship, making sure that everything is customised to our specific needs.

Klara Vanickova Manager, Best Western Meteor Plaza Hotel