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Pacific Gateway Hotel
Newly independent hotel
Vancouver airport
Direct Booking superstars
incremental revenue
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Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport are firm believers in the Direct Booking Movement. Looking for ways to increase conversions on their site last year, the newly independent hotel came across Triptease - and haven’t looked back since.

Having seen an incredible 34% conversion uplift with the first iteration of the Triptease Platform, Pacific Gateway was keen to try out the new features of our latest upgrade.

The Triptease Platform allows hoteliers to have live conversations via Front Desk with visitors to their site - conversations informed by smart insights into the visitor’s behaviour and preferences.

Front Desk is a messenger that provides the first taste of a hotel’s greatest asset - their service. The team at Pacific Gateway Hotels also uses Targeted Messages, Parity Management and Insights to continuously grow the number of conversions on their websites.

Having Front Desk on our site just makes sense. We see how well live guest conversation tools work for other organisations - customers want to communicate in a way that’s convenient for them.
Guest conversation is the direction we see things moving in, but not all hotels are there yet. The Triptease Platform gets us ahead of the curve."

Donald Pinkney Director of Sales & Marketing


Pacific Gateway is already seeing the investment paying off. Conversion uplift has jumped from 34% to 55% since they started displaying Price Check within the Front Desk messaging format just a few months ago. This number leaps to an incredible 74% uplift when the guest actually engages with Front Desk.

Pacific Gateway’s key areas of focus this year are direct bookings and brand-building, both of which are specifically targeted by the Platform. The hotel has already experimented with eight custom Targeted Messages campaigns on the new platform, winning them over $15k in incremental revenue.


I love telling Pacific Gateway’s story. Communicating creatively and learning from what people respond to is a big part of my job - I like how Targeted Messages fits into that. I can communicate in the hotel’s voice and get measurable metrics back on what works and what doesn’t.

Amanda Gregory-Jones Marketing Co-ordinator


I love being surprised by what grabs people’s attention. I’m learning about how people use the platform in a way I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.
The Triptease Platform is already teaching us about what our guests are interested in. I can see a real potential for it to guide the way we operate within the hotel itself."

Grace Chong Revenue Manager