Luna Holiday Complex

Meliá Hotels International
Aparthotel in Malta

Luna Holiday Complex and Triptease: an instant match

Luna first encountered Triptease when we partnered with their booking engine, AvailPro, in 2016. It was an instant match. The aparthotel was looking to reclaim the direct bookings it was losing to large OTAs, so it could continue to deliver a premium service to as many guests as possible.

The process of integrating the Triptease Platform went absolutely perfectly. I was very impressed with how prompt and smooth the Triptease service was."

Kyle Borg Director, Luna Holiday Complex

Direct is best

The Luna team has always provided added value to guests who book direct, and up until 2015 the majority of the apart hotel’s bookings were coming through the direct channel. But as OTAs grew stronger in Europe, Kyle and his team struggled to compete. The Triptease Platform has proved itself to be an ideal solution.

The Triptease Platform has made our lives easier in the sense that our minds are at rest that we’re not being undercut by OTAs - and, if we are, we’re being notified so we can react and fix the situation.

This in turn gives us the confidence to tell our guests that our direct rate will always be the best available. The Targeted Messages feature is a great help in communicating that message."

Kyle Borg Director, Luna Holiday Complex

We’ve been able to find out which OTAs are undercutting us, and the Platform gives us evidence to show them that they’re not keeping to their side of the deal.

Our online visibility has been strengthened because our parity is being maintained.

Kyle Borg Director, Luna Holiday Complex