Hotel on Rivington

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Pacific Gateway Hotel
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108 rooms
Lower East Side location
incremental revenue
conversion increase

Growing revenue and understanding guests

Hotel on Rivington came to Triptease with the goal of understanding their missed booking opportunities and growing their revenue. After just two months, their disparity rate is well under control - and now they're working with us to focus on guest experience.

We recognized Triptease's value straight away. The Direct Booking Platform replaced several of the suppliers we were using with one simple integration.

Daniel Tennant General Manager

Re-investing in guest experience

The Direct Booking Platform is already powering Hotel on Rivington's direct bookings - conversion has risen by 30% since the Platform was implemented. The money the hotel is saving on OTA commissions is being re-invested into better guest experience.

We're communicating with our guests before, during, and after their stay - something we just can't do as easily when they come via an OTA.

Simplifying the booking journey with Message Porter

Triptease's Message Porter is also making its mark. Our abandonment messaging has already brought in almost $50,000 of incremental revenue.

We're maximising the exposure and impact of promotions and discounts. Price Check is doing a great job of educating our guests that Direct is Best.