Eastiny Hotels

Location: Pattaya, Thailand Group of seven independent hotels
Group of seven independent hotels

One of the best decisions for my hotels was to partner up with Triptease

Ayudh Nakaprasit Owner of Eastiny Hotels

Eastiny Hotels is a group of seven independent hotels in Pattaya, Thailand. A year ago, after being continuously undercut and treated unfairly by their third-party distribution partners, Eastiny Hotels partnered up with Triptease - and didn't only reduce dependency on OTAs but also achieved:

2x more conversions when users interacted with Triptease's onsite messages;

Increased bookings from metasearch, with Triptease Metasearch making 16.7% of the hotel group's total revenue.

75.5% higher conversion (than the average amongst other hotels in Thailand) since integrating with the platform;

"Hotel owners in Thailand are used to dealing with OTAs in a way that only benefits third parties. The idea of adopting new tools and tactics to grow their direct revenue often seems too complex for them, and many are left paying high commissions," shares Ayudh Nakaprasit, Owner of Eastiny Hotels.

I am not the kind of hotel owner that will allow OTAs to exploit me. With Triptease, I’m able to take control of my rates and start growing my direct booking revenue.

"In hospitality, we all know that rate parity is crucial. Without it, a hotel can be missing out on a lot of revenue! With the Triptease platform, I can see when disparities occur on third-party websites. It empowers me to take these reports to my OTA area managers and get it fixed."

"Alongside this, Triptease’s Targeted Messages help show off my unique direct booking offers on the website to prompt online customers to book direct. It allows me to target certain audiences so that they see promotions that they’ll actually be interested in - making it far more likely that they’ll convert!"

"I am also a DBS-holic!" admits Ayudh. "I’ve been to five consecutive Direct Booking Summit conferences - the only industry event series that’s focused on direct bookings, which Triptease runs globally. There, I’ve learnt so many new tactics to get my online customers to book direct - and even build beneficial relationships with third parties!"

I want to thank Triptease for their efforts in helping my hotel stay in parity, provide an excellent hospitality experience online and drive more direct bookings," adds Ayudh. "I love the platform and Triptease’s outstanding customer service!