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Baur au Lauc
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About our client

Conde Nast has recently given Baur au Lac the title of the best hotel in Europe and eight best in the world. Endorsed by the travelers and loved by the customers, this Zurich-based hotel attributes its success to tree main factors: their best-in-class staff, carefully selected software and personalised service both on- and off-line.

Our relationship with Triptease is the same as with our Baur au Lac family. It’s a family feeling!"

Alexander Gibb Director of Revenue and Reservations

Triptease is proud to contribute to Baur au Lac’s story of success by providing them with best tools and support to meet the hotel’s needs and give the ultimate personalized experience to their guests.

The effort Triptease puts into strengthening the Platform and creating new features sets them up to success for the future.

Alexander Gibb Director of Revenue and Reservations

According to Alexander, every morning at Baur au Lac starts with his team checking rate parity on the Triptease Platform. Based on the Disparity Dungeon’s reports, they can analyse where disparities come from and deduct why they happened.