Targeted Messages: Increase conversions with personalized experiences and dynamic messaging

Targeted Messages.

Bringing the right customers to your website is only half the journey. Use personalized experiences and dynamic messaging to dramatically increase their conversion rate.

Thousands of ways to message guests

Choose from ready-built templates, create a unique message in minutes or upload your own custom design.
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Target different types of customer

Send the right message to every guest. Segment your customers based on location, webpage, check-in date, referral website, new vs returning or the length of their stay - plus you can instantly create language variants for different versions of your website.

Show guests your rate is best

When a guest searches on your website or booking engine and you're not being undercut, Price Check will display your direct price (and direct booking benefits) along with the prices of your chosen OTAs.

Automatically answer FAQs

Our automated AI chatbot answers all your most frequently asked questions instantly. Assist every guest automatically and remove pain points on the path to purchase with a live chat tool built specifically for hotels.

Check availability & take payment details

If a guest is ready to make a booking they can check availability automatically via automated live chat. If they’d like to send payment details to reserve their room, you can collect card details securely too.

Reach the most valuable guests first with intelligent traffic acquisition
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Targeted Messages
Track undercutting and take ownership of how your rooms are priced
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Increase conversions with personalized experiences and dynamic messaging
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Own your customer relationships with automated live chat
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Access the numbers you need to build your direct distribution channel
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Learn from your results to plan direct booking strategies confidently
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