Looking for the industry-leading direct booking platform?

Looking for the industry-leading direct booking platform?

A direct booking solution shouldn’t make your life more complex. That’s why your partnership with Triptease combines simple-to-use, properly tested tools with a global coaching team to help define your strategy and increase ROI.

How is Triptease different?

Scientifically tested optimization tools that are proven to work

We don’t use...
Complex functionality that you don’t have time to use.

Self-serve variant testing with results you can access any time

We don’t use...
Misleading A/B tests that you can’t access or control.

A simple, quick-view dashboard with actionable insights

We don’t use...
Data that doesn’t help to drive decisions for your business.

Four more reasons
to choose Triptease


Numbers that drive performance

Triptease products are backed by a team of data scientists working to ensure the numbers always add up. Don’t let your guests see inaccurate prices, don’t let your business see inaccurate results.
“Triptease’s Disparity Dungeon is unique in the industry. It’s much more than a rate shop; it’s a real-time alert system that helps us identify issues and fix them.”
Sylvie Fayolle
General Manager, Parker New York
Support and coaching

A global team of industry experts, available whenever you need them

Our Direct Booking Coaches are here to help you every step of the way with tailored advice, reports and expertise.


Work with a partner, not with a sales team

At Triptease we work with our hotel partners long beyond the day your contract is signed. We don’t build features just to sell our product - we work alongside hoteliers to create tools they’ll see real benefit from.
  • Directly influence what we build
  • Speak to the Product Team
  • Trial new products in beta
Guest Acquisition

More than website conversions - reach high value traffic too

Guest Acquisition calculates the potential value of a guest and the probability of them converting to make smarter decisions on how to spend in metasearch.
Find out why we built Guest Acquisition
  • Low profile match
  • Domestic traveler
  • Shown cheaper price elsewhere
  • Searched using generic term
  • 72% profile match
  • 2nd search this week
  • High value (10 days)


How quickly can I integrate with Triptease?
We have a dedicated tool that streamlines and automates your integration process, as well as strong partnerships with booking engines around the world. In some instances switching to Triptease can take as little as 10 minutes!
What kind of ROI can I expect?
ROI is different for every hotel we work with. To see some real examples of the amazing results achieved by our partner hotels around the world click here to view our customer stories.
How much does Triptease cost?
The price you'll pay for Triptease depends on which of our products you choose to use. Get in touch with our Sales Team to discuss the right solution for your hotel.
How regularly will I receive updates on my progress and results?
As often as you like. You can log in and check your progress whenever you want to, but you'll also receive parity reports and monthly performance emails. Alongside this our direct booking coaches are always on hand to discuss your progress and ambitions for the future

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