Insights: Get complete visibility on your performance


All the numbers you need to build a direct distribution channel that works. Get complete visibility on your performance and learn from every interaction to make your data just as powerful as an OTA's.

All your data in one place

One simple, quick view dashboard with everything you need to know about your Direct Bookers and website visitors. Easily check your conversion funnel and see a clear picture of direct booking trends over time.

View OTA undercutting & parity trends

Monitor a live feed of every search on your website that’s being undercut by an OTA, along with an interactive dashboard showing your parity trends over time.

Instantly check ROI

Check impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue instantly for all hotels and messages.

Monitor the performance of your reservations team

If your reservations staff are speaking to customers via the live chat tool (they don’t have to - you can automate it) view their conversations, email captures and direct bookings.

Reports and emails

Stay on top of your numbers with performance reports, plus daily or weekly parity reports and a round up of leads generated via live (or automated) chat.

Reach the most valuable guests first with intelligent traffic acquisition
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Track undercutting and take ownership of how your rooms are priced
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Increase conversions with personalized experiences and dynamic messaging
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Own your customer relationships with automated live chat
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Access the numbers you need to build your direct distribution channel
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Learn from your results to plan direct booking strategies confidently
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