Metasearch: Reach valuable guests first with intelligent traffic acquisition


Reach the most valuable guests first. Take control of your own traffic acquisition with a system designed to identify and convert high-value guests.

Supercharge your metasearch with smart bidding

Bring the right guests straight from search to your website and automatically adjust your bids depending on their potential value and likelihood to book.

Use your data for an unfair advantage

Two systems work together to calculate a precise bid amount. The Guest Value Index registers how the guest compares to your hotel's ideal customer profile and recognises their real time purchase intent. The Trip Value Index is calculated from their booking conditions, including parity and booking value.

The same easy, automated service - direct

Giving up budget for OTA bookings is not the only to way to guarantee your rooms are filled. With Triptease you get the same dependable, automated service for less.

Reach the most valuable guests first with intelligent traffic acquisition
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Track undercutting and take ownership of how your rooms are priced
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Increase conversions with personalized experiences and dynamic messaging
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Own your customer relationships with automated live chat
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Access the numbers you need to build your direct distribution channel
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Learn from your results to plan direct booking strategies confidently
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