Why selfie sticks sell hotel rooms

It seems everyone wants to attract more millennials.

Born between 1980 and 2000, they're tech savvy, they're starting up companies, they're increasing their spending power like you wouldn't believe. That's why more and more travel companies are launching campaigns targeted at capturing some of that hard earned cash. One example is the launch of #ExpediaInterns, a campaign designed to 'engage with a new younger traveler', in the words of Vic Walia, senior director of brand marketing.

While we're on the fence about how convincing the videos will be, some of the millennials at Triptease found there's one sure fire way to get more people to book a room at your hotel.

The selfie stick. 

They might be banned at the National Gallery in London, but offering selfie sticks to your guests will get them booking a room at your hotel and telling the world about it. There are a whole host of hotels already capitalising on the trend, from the W hotel in New York to the Four Seasons in Houston. You should start replacing that umbrella stand with a selfie stick stand. Why?

It provides bragging rights.

We conducted a little experiment at Triptease over the weekend. We took a selfie stick out with us to the pub and witnessed the same experience every time we offered it to a new group of people. At first everyone balked and moaned about it. Some said it's a horrible, narcissistic fad that needs to stop, others said they didn't want to get involved. It's a natural response to something new.

But as soon as the camera is mounted and the stick extended, everything changes. The heightened shot position is flattering, capturing the background helps to show off how well travelled you are and for digitally engrossed millennials, you don't have to ask anyone to take the photo for you. Even the naysayers from the outset snuck in to see what they looked like from the stick. On holiday they start to prove particularly useful if there's a language barrier stopping you from getting your brand new profile photo for dozens, if not hundreds, of friends, family and casual acquaintances to like, comment on and share.

So you could spend thousands of pounds trying to attract the newest cohort of travellers through marketing efforts. Or for under a hundred points, deck out your reception with selfie sticks and watch those millennials flock. Get yours now.

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