[WATCH] Retargeting Masterclass: Optimize your conversion strategy and increase ROI

We know that retargeting is a crucial component of your hotel's direct channel, but there is a fine line between a successful strategy and one could be driving guests away from your website. Having retargeting in place is not enough - and a wasteful strategy could lead to substantial costs and even threaten to scare visitors away. With so many elements to control, how can you ensure you're targeting the right guests in the right places?

In the follow-up to our Retargeting 101 webinar, Triptease's Alasdair Snow (Chief Product Officer) and Scott Stirling (Retargeting Project Manager) are joined by David Philippson, a digital advertising expert with over a decade's experience in the industry, to discuss how to craft the most successful retargeting plan for your hotel.

From understanding cross-device attribution to the importance of dynamic content optimization (DCO) in your ad creative, find out what goes on behind the scenes of your hotel's retargeting strategy and how it gets you a step ahead of OTAs.

About The Author

Rob is a Product Marketing Executive at Triptease, managing the Retargeting product.

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