[WATCH] Retargeting 101: Learn how to bring unconvinced guests back to book direct

Nine out of ten guests who've booked with an OTA visit your hotel's website during their booking journey. Even with a fantastic direct website and strong acquisition and conversion strategies in place, why are website visitors being snapped up by OTAs?

The reality is that most guests are just not ready to book on their first visit to your website. Without a smart retargeting plan and a way to reach guests off-site, you're letting that qualified traffic be stolen by third-parties - after you've done all of the hard work in convincing them to stay at your hotel. To win those bookings, you need to be able to capture guest intent and showcase the value of your hotel around the web.

Watch Scott Stirling, Retargeting Product Manager, and Lily McIlwain, Lead Product Marketing Manager, in conversation and learn:

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