Spider Webs and Disparities

Finally the sun has arrived in London and we’re celebrating with a spell of spring cleaning over on the Triptease Platform plus your personal disparity-busting checklist:

1) Get to the root of the problem with 'Check OTA' click out

We've been showing you a live list of cases when you're being undercut by an OTA. Great!

For a while however, we’ve been hearing the same question: can we have a 'click-out' straight to the offending search? Well, we’ll be honest: it was actually pretty tricky. We take our data from various sources, so getting you back to what you're looking for in one-click? Let's just say it kept us busy at the weekends. Here at last though, the ‘Check OTA’ link in the Disparity Breakdown will take you straight to the search that’s going wrong – down to all the details of which hotel, how many rooms, any children, the exact dates and currency. Pretty nifty.

This means you don’t have to go through that clunky process of recreating the search. That's light years of parity fixing time back in your hands.

Check OTA (intercom)
2) No more rose-tinting

Disparities come in all shapes and sizes and some quite simply aren't relevant. Take those minor discrepancies caused by currency conversion, for example… not helpful.

We spotted this a while ago and went about clearing up the Disparity Dungeon straight away. Now we've rolled it out across all Price Check reports, to give you a more truthful reflection of how you're performing. Your job? Simply keep a clear eye out for data patterns and changes.

3) Resolved a disparity? Don’t leave it hanging around

Our clients have told us it’s really handy to have oversight of your disparities – plus a record of the ones you’ve fixed. Now, when you know you’ve made something right, simply click ‘Mark as Fixed’ and it’ll be ticked off.

Next time you refresh your page, these fixed issues will pop straight over to your ‘Resolved Disparities’ folder so they’re not in your way and you can still pull a list of all that successful work to show off in the office...

Mark as fixed - intercom
4) Keep it (re)fresh

Use that 'Check OTA' button to clear any disparities which no longer apply. How?

The background: Now and then we like to take a leaf or two from the Apple tree of tech wisdom. One of our favourites is to always, always be using your own products. Use, test, get frustrated when they're not up to scratch -  and then improve.

So while we were playing with that clever little 'Check OTA' button, we noticed something annoying: sometimes re-creating a search doesn’t have the same results. Maybe you’ve already contacted your OTA or perhaps they spotted the mistake and corrected it anyway (stranger things have happened…). So you hit 'Check OTA, recreated that search; this time, no issue. What next?

Well, from now on, when you head back to your Platform, you’ll notice we’ve already tidied it away into that lovely ‘Resolved Disparities’ folder.

Live:Resolved Folders

Thank you Daniel, our devoted Dashboard Manager for whisking his feather duster around the Dungeon. We challenge all our readers to join in.

Head straight to your Data Platform to get spring cleaning now - or contact us if you're not set up yet...

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