Show competitive pricing and drive direct bookings

This week our Chief Tease Charlie Osmond spoke to EyeforTravel about what we're seeing when it comes to metasearch in the travel industry. It's a fast growing channel, and what can hotels do to make the most of it?

In a line: the booking process as smooth as possible. You need to be visible across even more platforms, but the fact remains that 68% of travellers will land on your website during the process. You've got to do what you can to convert them from lookers to bookers.


Of course we'd say integrate Price Check. By showing live prices from across the web on your site you're not just showing you're competitive, but in the longer term you're educating consumers about price transparency. We know it will help you to increase your onsite conversions by 35% and so if you're like to find out more, just contact us.

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