Product Updates: September 2017

If you're a Triptease customer you'll already know you can see the full list of our latest Product Updates as they happen by clicking on the Updates tab in the Triptease Platform. We also wanted to share a taste of what we've been up to with everyone who is interested in our tools, so from now on we'll be putting together a monthly roundup of news from the Product Team.

Filter Message Porter campaigns by date

Product: Message Porter - Date: Thursday 28th September

We realised it would make things quicker and easier for our clients if they could filter Message Porter campaigns by date, so we pushed a quick update to make that possible. Now you can check the performance of your campaigns over the last seven days, the past 30 days, the last three months, or the last six months. This means you can compare the various campaigns you have run over a specific time period and check which messages are converting the most customers.

Trigger Message Porter campaigns by country

Product: Message Porter - Date: Friday 22nd September

You can now segment and target customers based on the country they are going to be visiting from.

That means you can display your most high-value Message Porter campaigns to customers who will be visiting from further away, as these guests are more likely to be staying longer at your hotel.

View Message Porter campaign performance by hotel

Product: Message Porter - Date: Wednesday 20th September

If you’re running Message Porter campaigns on a range of different hotels, you can now easily monitor how each hotel is performing.

In the Hotels tab within the Campaign Manager, you’ll see a breakdown of campaigns, impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue by hotel rather than by campaign. This means you can track hotel performance and take learnings from your top performing hotels.

Filter Message Porter campaigns by status

Product: Message Porter - Date: Friday 15th September

Another quick fix to speed things up for our clients. Filter your Message Porter campaigns by status to focus in on Live campaigns, review your Paused campaigns, or edit Drafts. You can still return to view All campaigns at any time.

Front Desk animal avatars!

Product: Front Desk - Date: Friday 15th September

To help you to differentiate quickly between guest conversations in Front Desk, we’ve introduced avatars. They’re mostly animals wearing hats. Enjoy!

Trigger Message Porter campaigns by URL

Product: Message Porter - Date: Friday 15th September

You can now trigger Message Porter campaigns to display on specific pages of your website. This means customers can see messages and offers tailored to the page they're viewing.

Creating your first URL segmented campaign is simple. Just head over to the Campaign Builder, select URL in the Choose your audience menu, then set the page where you would like your campaign to display.

This means you can now create all kinds of awesome, URL-specific offers like:

  • Free drinks or dining offers on your restaurant page
  • Tailored messaging for meetings, events and weddings
  • Spa discounts on your spa homepage

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Holly is Brand & Product Marketing Manager at Triptease.

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