Product Updates: June 2019

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Classify and report inaccurate disparities

Classify and report inaccurate disparities

Product: Compare - Date: Tuesday 18th June

Your Parity Monitoring dashboard is a quick and effective tool for keeping tabs on the real price disparities your guests are seeing. However, because we’re constantly checking live prices from across the internet - prices that are often subject to change - there can sometimes be instances where false disparities appear in your dashboard.

To help hoteliers have the most accurate dashboard data they possibly can, we’ve now introduced functionality that will allow them to classify and report false disparities to Triptease. This allows us to track who is being impacted and why, and enables us to proactively resolve any parity issues you may have.

You’ll now see the option to Report incorrect disparity above the button to Archive disparity when you’ve clicked to view a particular disparity. Clicking the Report text allows you to flag the reason why the disparity is incorrect, as you can see below.

Screenshot of the 'classify and report' screen within the Parity Monitoring dashboard providing the options: OTA price is incorrect, Known OTA promotion, Hotel price is incorrect and I can't reproduce the disparity

This will give Triptease better data on the cause of your false disparities, allowing us to provide you with even more accurate data in the future. If you have any other ideas about how we could improve the information you see in your Parity Monitoring dashboard then please let us know!

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