Product Updates: February 2019

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Show how many people have recently booked

Show how many people have recently booked

Product: Convert - Date: Monday 25th February

In addition to the Searcher and Location Notifications we released last year, you now have the option of displaying Booker Notifications to customers on your website.

A hotel website displaying a booker notification and Price Check in marching colors

Booker Notifications function in a very similar way to Searcher Notifications in that customers can see how many people have booked on your website in the past 24 hours. A Booker Notification will only display if there has been more than three bookers in the past 24 hours - so you don’t need to worry about this message appearing when you haven’t had any recent bookings.

We’ve also made a couple of additional updates across our Searcher, Booker and Location Notifications based on feedback from guest user testing. For Searcher and Booker Notifications we learned that showing super high numbers tends to make potential customers less trusting that the data is genuine, so we’ve switched all notifications with numbers over 50 to read ‘Over 50 bookers’.

Additionally - for hotels using Price Check - we’ve now matched the colour of your Notifications to the colour you’ve selected for Price Check so that your website messaging looks more consistent.

Finally, keep an eye on the products updates page because there are more updates to Notifications on the way very soon…

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