PhocusWright 2015: The Ones to Watch

PhocusWright is all about innovation.

We love innovation, but also know that true innovation comes hand in hand with problem-solving. That’s why we’re PhocusWright Europe’s Innovator of the Year and People’s Choice.

Introducing the Triptease top 5 problem-solvers to watch from PhocusWright TIS 2015:

5) Proxce

Sail past the check-in queue. Enter your hotel room like your own front door.

The room keys of the future are already in your pocket. Proxce detects your phone as you enter the hotel lobby, ascribes your room number and enables direct entry.

Time saving and slick for both hotelier and guest.

4) Tansler

In the eBay era, who can resist the buzz of an auction?

Select your favourite hotels from 500,000 currently on the system, make an offer and in 24 hours you have an answer – no haggling, no cancellations, no fuss.

Tansler keep the excitement of booking alive, but allow you to communicate directly with renters without the stress of comparing prices across websites.

This rings true to our ethos of aiding price-transparency for holiday makers.

We particularly enjoyed Tansler’s presentation at PhocusWright and the images of keen hagglers – and so did the Dragons, awarding Tansler the Emerging Category Innovator of the Year Award and the General Catalyst Award.

3) WayGo

Instant and internet-free translation.

From choosing dinner to navigating a pharmacy, WayGo uses your camera to instantly translates Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and French writing without the need to find keyboard characters.

Waygo have instigated a simple and effective change to travel in Asia.

2) Zizoo

Congratulations to CEO Anna Banicevic for the best dragon-taming we’ve seen all week: Pointing to the lack of coherence and organization for boat rental and diving excursions, Anna highlighted a real industry gap.

With the clarity and high resolution glamour of the Zizoo boat rental platform, Anna is bringing boating holidays into the 21st century of travel and also opening it up to a wider audience.

Already victorious in Monday’s battleground, Zizoo went on to to sweep up the Start-Up Innovator of the Year award last night.

1) TripChamp

Get around a lot? We at Triptease certainly do!

Between hopping on a plane to a conference and coordinating events with international offices, orgnaising travel eats into the time we can be getting on with what we do best.

Enter TripChamp: your travel and accomodation organised at best prices. Tripchamp uses big data and artificial intelligence to bring together the best prices from published, private and negotiated sources that other travel companies can't touch, resulting in 10-20% savings.

Like us their focus is making the booking process easier for the guest with an accuracy that ensures a quality product. The People's Choice at PhocusWright, TripChamp are truly problem solving champions.



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