Hotels: Time to unite at The Direct Booking Summit

You probably caught the big news on Tnooz yesterday. After months of preparation we have announced our very first Direct Booking Summit at the prestigious Soho Hotel in London. We think it's about time hoteliers came together and united in a mission to get more direct bookings so come join us and dozens of delegates on 30th June.

Original, info-packed and unmissable, our Summit will give you all there is to know about the Direct Booking Movement and more. Most importantly, you’ll find out how your hotel can drive more direct bookings as we highlight all the most recent trends and tricks surrounding direct booking and rate parity. Amongst other key figures, you’ll hear expert advice and inspiring ideas from the likes of Google, Skyscanner and TripAdvisor alongside a panel of leading hoteliers. What’s more, expect to uncover the future of the chatbot, the impact of loyalty programmes and the position of eCommerce from external industries.

Ultimately, the shift in the hospitality industry is very real and it looks like there’s no better time to jump into our buzz of a community and be part of that change. As you explore all these hot topics from so many major figures, you’ll no doubt be starting the summer off well prepped around direct bookings and the future in store for hotels.

Tickets are going quickly so unite with the likes of IHG and grab your tickets before it’s too late!

In case you miss out we are holding our second Direct Booking Summit in Washington DC on 13th September.

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