[INFOGRAPHIC] Hotels and influencer marketing

This is a guest post by The Europe.

We’ve seen the proliferation of influencer marketing throughout the broader marketing niche in recent years. Basically, “influencer marketing” is a marketing activity whereby brands including hotels leverage the social media following of various individuals who are deemed to have influence due to the numbers of people who watch and engage with their social media pages.

While it’s a niche that has exploded in popularity in recent years, it’s one that brands including hotels should approach with caution - or at the very least, having done their due diligence. A hotel needs to ensure that they collaborate with the right demographic for their market, for example. Furthermore, an influencer with a substantial follower number won’t automatically equate to a barrage of hotel bookings.

The people at The Europe have put together this infographic which details all you need to know about influencer marketing and hotels.

The Europe influencer marketing

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