How Fusion Hotel Prague generates 6% of direct bookings with social media

Many hotels grapple with how to use social media as a meaningful referral tool. Fusion Hotel in Prague is the exception to that rule. Whereas most might generate 0.5% of revenue from social media, they generate an impressive 6%, on average.

Fusion Hotel prides itself on being different. They’re a boutique hotel in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic, with a loyal and happy customer base. Their primary social media channel is Facebook, with 9,176 likes, 10,311 visits and 4.4 stars at the time of writing. They’re also active on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, with 642, 485 and 78 followers across those social networks. Clearly Facebook earns them the lions share of their social media revenue.

Fusion has also won two Certificates of Excellence on Tripadvisor for the past two years (2013, 2014), where they have 605 reviews in the 4.5 range.

How Does Fusion Beat The Industry Average?

In an interview, Jana Zvolánková, the IT marketing and social media manager, talked about how they have turned social media into a money generating machine.

One of the key takeaways from the interview - which is also evident on their Facebook page - is a lack of advertising or marketing messages online. “Our guests are our friends and you do not send advertising to your friends,” Jana said in the interview. “They give us good ideas and we give them interesting facts and links in return. Once they actually arrive in fusion, they have the feeling that they are already part of the fusion family.”

Behind the digital experience is the actual experience of booking and staying in the hotel. If Fusion was no different than your average 100 bed chain hotel then it would be unlikely to generate much online engagement. Instead, “fusion is created with the uniqueness in mind and with the urge to be different than the rest of the pack … [which is] is great to share over social media,” Jana said.

The Experience Loop

The offline and online experiences need to be something guests want to share within their networks. When it comes to media companies and publishers it all comes down to content. In the hotels and leisure industry it’s all about experiences.

Fusion doesn’t treat social media as an advertising channel. For them it is all about communication. It serves as a key touch point in the before and after phases of their customers time as guests. This is how they draw customers into what serves as digital experience loop, which then pulls in their impressive, industry beating inbound booking rate of 6% across social networks.

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