GuestScores to launch new digital engagement solution at the Direct Booking Summit

It's just over a week until the brightest and best of Europe's hotel industry descend on the NH Barbizon Palace for the Direct Booking Summit: Europe. If you haven't got your tickets yet, there's still time to register - but hurry, as we're down to the last few seats in the house!

We've been speaking to some of our industry-leading speakers ahead of their appearances in Amsterdam - if you missed it, you can catch up on our conversations with Airbnb, Barceló and The Curtain London now. Today though, we're speaking with Rob Fleischer, Director of Sales and Marketing at GuestScores. Rob will be bringing his 20 years of technology experience to bear on the hotel industry at the summit, where he'll be taking us through his views on in-house digital engagement.

Rob Fleischer

Rob Fleischer, Director of Sales and Marketing

TRIPTEASE: How are you feeling about speaking at the Direct Booking Summit 2018?

Rob: The Direct Booking Summit in Amsterdam is one of the premier events for hoteliers across the EU. Our attendance there will give us the opportunity to present a compelling new service for hoteliers that we believe will have a major impact on the industry. At the same time, the Direct Booking Summit will enable us to meet, engage and learn from both the other participants and the rich and detailed conference agenda.

The Direct Booking Summit is particularly exciting for us, because after more than 12 months of development the event will represent the global launch of the GuestScores solution.

TRIPTEASE: What can attendees expect to learn from your talk?

Rob: We all know the world today revolves around data and information, and utilizing that information to achieve the desired outcomes. Hoteliers are familiar with how data, information and technology can benefit them and there are numerous companies offering digital engagement solutions to communicate with their guests.

These solutions have provided hotels significant advantages, however, digital engagement is largely limited to the pre-booking and post-stay experience.

During the guest's stay, when the hotel has the opportunity to impact the guest experience at a critical time, there are few solutions available with which to digitally engage.

With GuestScores, you can engage your guests while they are still in-house. Hotels can understand what guests really think, and get a chance to do something about it before it's too late.

In-house digital engagement provides the ability to communicate with over 80% of your guests, whether to deliver 'rate the hotel' campaigns, upsell, provide information, or promote your hotel's services and promotions. We will be presenting our new technology at the Direct Booking Summit, and showing attendees the amazing results being achieved. In-house digital engagement is truly a game-changer for the hotel industry.

TRIPTEASE: What are your thoughts on the Direct Booking Movement?

Rob: We support the direct booking movement, and believe every hotel should be doing its utmost to support and drive direct bookings. Hoteliers need more tools and solutions to accomplish this, and through the use of data and understanding guests better hotels can target and focus on the right guests to increase their level of direct bookings.

Through focusing on their 'Guest Heroes', hotels can increase their direct bookings for both the returning guest and also their friends, family and associates.

TRIPTEASE: What are your main goals in 2018?

Rob: For us, 2018 is about building awareness and finding innovative, imaginative hotels that want to experiment. Awareness is critical to letting hotels know they have a new way of engaging digitally with their in-house guests, which is already delivering benefits and a ROI that can be measured in days.

We're also focused on experimentation. This technology is new, and its limits have not yet been reached.

Some applications and benefits of digital engagement are obvious, like having the ability to gather reviews and act on them before the author goes to a TripAdvisor or Google Review site. However, having the ability to increase the communication flow between guest and hotel presents opportunities to do so much more.

TRIPTEASE: Which other speakers are you most looking forward to hearing from at the Direct Booking Summit: Europe?

Rob: We believe that knowledge is king, and that every person's experience is valuable. We believe our industry is dynamic, and change is always necessary to stay on top. It's a philosophy that means that every speaker and every interaction is important to us.

Want to hear more from Rob and our other incredible speakers, including representatives from Google, Marriott and Best Western UK? Buy tickets below or get in touch with for more information!

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