Meet the Direct Booking Coaches in Miami

There's more to the Direct Booking Summit than an incredible agenda packed with actionable tips that you can take home and share with your team.

The aim is to share industry best practices for revenue, marketing a distribution, but we also want to make sure that attendees get the personal attention they need to supercharge their own direct booking strategies. That's why we also run free consultations with our team of Direct Booking Coaches to ensure that your questions are answered, and you go back to your hotel knowing exactly what your next steps should be.

"During a coaching session, we take a deep dive into all areas of a hotel's wider digital direct booking strategy including conversion and parity data, benchmarking performance and website evaluations."

Ben Dean, Triptease's Direct Booking Coach.

Our Coaches are digital marketing and website optimization experts. Their job is to support all hoteliers with performance and benchmarking reports, and advice on their direct booking strategies.

Due to high demand, we’re bringing one-to-one sessions with our Direct Booking Coaches to the Direct Booking Summit in Miami. First introduced last year at the Direct Booking Summit in Amsterdam, these sessions have become so popular with hoteliers that we are bringing more of our Direct Booking Coaches to every Summit across the globe!

Every attendee is welcome to register their interest in a coaching session to understand:

Benchmarking: Expose areas of over/underperformance and come away with a clearer picture of the direct booking trends in your local market.

Conversion rate optimization: Actionable insights to improve your conversion rate.

Website design: What UX and design problems are you currently facing with your website? Our design expert will walk you through steps to fix these issues and optimize your onsite booking journey.

Want to take home even more actionable tips from the Direct Booking Summit? Register your interest!


See the agenda for Direct Booking Summit: Miami 2019.

Book your spot at the Summit on 22-23 October in Miami.

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Annalisa is Digital Marketing & Data Manager at Triptease.

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