The Data Dilemma

At a conference this morning I heard Scott Crawford‎, Senior Director of eCommerce at Expedia, share some jaw-dropping insights:


  • sells a room every 6 seconds
  • has over 189bn rows of consumer data - enough to fill 6.7bn 200-page books!
  • employs over 700 data scientists and analysts
  • runs circa 1,500 tests a year. Win rate from those tests (the changes that go on the website permanently) is 30%

Given that data is the cornerstone of any digital strategy, it does beg the question: how can you compete?

Easy, you might say; I just review data from the 27M website visits across my 4,000 hotels last month. If you're Marriott that is...

With consolidation happening across both OTAs and chains, it can sometimes seem like an arms race to fight in the data revolution. As an independent hotelier, you may have expertise and agility, but you don't have scale. That's where partners like Triptease come in. Because we work with more than 8,000 hotels we are processing millions of queries every week, allowing us to effectively test and optimise our solutions to the benefit of all clients, big and small.

If you like data, you will enjoy our report on the state of price parity - based on a sample of over 30 million searches, we share findings on how often hotels are being undercut and why.

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