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This week we sat down with Adrian Golding, our VP of Customer Success, to discuss how Customer Success is accomplished at Triptease. Former Director of Customer Success at Exact; Adrian has over 10 years of C-suite level Customer Success experience and is on the judging panel at the UK Customer Experience Awards later this month, so he knows exactly how to make sure our customers get the very best. 

Customer Success is key to what we do at Triptease; we make every effort so that each and every client feels wowed when they work with us. In fact, our four core values enshrine our commitment to our clients:

  • Obsessive Learning: Inquisitive, always seeking and giving feedback.
  • Customer WOW!: Relentless in creating measureable impact. Inspiring service that makes customers ‘weak at the knees’.
  • Rocket Ship: Can-do approach and a bias for action; always going the extra mile to get things done quickly and efficiently.
  • One Team: Close teamwork and mutual support to ensure seamless customer service.

The face behind the name

The team has evolved over time, Triptease have always been rigorous in hiring high-calibre graduates with a background in hospitality but there is always room for improvement. With native speakers for our core European markets, solving your problem is as simple as picking up the phone.

One of Triptease’s core values is Obsessive Learning. This means that we are always fine tuning to make your experience the best it can be. We invest in our team, from a budget for learning materials and courses for each employee through to weekly Sharing Lunches and excursions to useful conferences. We keep up to date with the latest market trends by sharing industry developments plus other great direct booking tools we unearth.

We’re also hot on recognising where we’re rocket-shipping and where we can adjust to optimise meeting time. For example, we finish each weekly company meeting with a Q&A session to tackle the trickiest questions; continually re-evaluating and improving the learnings we share with you.

Our crack team of Customer Success experts is split into two core functions. So, whether you are going through the technical integration process, or are fully integrated and have a query; you will always be speaking to the right person.

The right person at the right time

From the moment you agree to work with Triptease, we assign a Customer Success Technical Lead. They will contact you as quickly as possible to manage the process of getting you live. Your lead will speak to your booking engine and web agency to make the technical integration process quick and easy. Once you are live, our Customer Success team are dedicated to making sure you see value, tailoring their approach to your individual needs. From a speedy integration to dealing with any issues you might have, you’ll always see us Rocket Ship into action to support you in your Triptease journey.

A learning community for faster, data driven responses

Once upon a time, Customer Service meant reactive, face-to-face visits, physical implementation and manual repairs. Our Customer Success team is able to be far more proactive in supporting you remotely: we will assess your data to check you’re on track to better parity and conversions. 20 years ago, a customer would report a new obstacle; now we can show you how to overcome it, before it has even appeared on your horizon. Using our industry expertise, we can share our Obsessive Learning with all of our clients plus, with over 10,000 of them, we have a lot of data to back us up.

Yes, the world of technology can be far speedier, but we understand the importance of a relationship. We know you’re busy running your hotel, so are careful to balance our visits against what is most helpful for you.

Our regular reviews make sure we understand what is going on in your world. They look a little like this:

  • Taking a look at the bigger picture: We provide expert insight into the industry and useful tips and products for driving direct bookings.
  • Listening to you: What are your challenges and how can we help to make sure they are overcome?
  • Drilling down: We’ll help you work through what industry trends mean for you and what you’re already doing to navigate them.
  • Supporting you: How can we improve our products to make them easier to use and more efficient?
  • One Team: All feedback gets worked into the business ensuring that we continue to drive change across our network, helping customers to learn and evolve. Working with Triptease means being part of One Team, sharing knowledge and learnings to improve direct bookings universally.

Our core values pervade everything we do and we believe that it is our dedication to continual learning that allows us to provide the best, and most advanced, service. Basically it means we constantly get better, faster.

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