Currency counts when increasing direct bookings

53% of people told us they are frustrated by being shown prices in currencies other than theirs

Doing mathematics isn’t usually top of the list of things people want when reserving a holiday. So why would you give them this problem when it comes to making a booking?

There are plenty of websites that use location based software to determine the whereabouts of customers browser to tailor content. It’s pretty obvious that you would do this but some of the sites we tested were still ignoring location when it came to currency.

After surveying over 1,000 people, we found the eight things people want when booking a hotel all devised in the Triptease ‘Get a Room’ eBook. This blog analyses the fourth of those eight things – show the prices in the right currency.

The price isn’t right if it’s not in my currency                                                                                  

Over half of the people we surveyed (53%) told us that being shown prices in currencies other than their own frustrates them.

Many of the bookers we spoke to found themselves totally confused by prices that switch from one page to the next. In some instances, they couldn’t select the currency they wanted. One website even decided to play currency hide and seek making things annoyingly difficult to find the British Pound. The currency was named ‘UK Pound’ but it was positioned alphabetically between currencies starting with F and H. We can only assume it was there under the GBP alternate name.

Along with all our other ‘Get a Room’ stages, think about keeping it as simple as possible for your guests. Ordering your dropdowns logically will save consumers time and reduce the risk of any frustrations. Ideally, you will use autolocation software so that the guest is shown the website in their own language with prices already in the right currency. But we’re realists, and where this isn’t possible you should still have a clear and simple currency selector. For consumers using mobiles where autolocation is more likely available due to GPS technology, this is particularly important as it removes a potentially fiddly step from the process.

As we’ve said before, increasing your direct bookings is all about making things easy for your customers. Anyway in which you can simplify the process for the consumer will increase the likelihood of them booking there and then.

To find out the seven remaining things people want when booking a hotel download our free e-book “get a room” here.

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