Are hotels being bullied?

It's a 3-day weekend for many but not for everyone at Triptease. This weekend two of the three Charlies (Granger and Osmond) head off to Dubai for Arabian Travel Market. For those of you attending be sure to find the latter Charlie, our Chief Tease, speaking on a panel about new technologies in the hotel industry on Monday at 16:45.

For the rest of you, catch up on three travel stories important travel stories from the week:

Hotels accuse online hotel booking agents of 'bullying' practices 

The Daily Telegraph reports on increasing dissatisfaction amongst hoteliers towards online travel agents. Dan Visser, director sales and marketing at the Langdale Hotel & Spa in Cumbria argues that business is now being dictated by third parties and that encouraging guests to book direct can often incur penalties. The sentiment is clearly growing following news mid-April of hotel guests 'being fleeced' by online agents.

Hilton is after a mid-scale brand

The global hotel group is looking to grow with its Hampton guests as they get older. On this week's first quarter earnings call, CEO Chris Nassetta indicated a mass scale brand in the mid-level tier is on the cards. It all hints towards a Hilton ecosystem that catches travellers early on and develops with them through different brands. Could creating a whole new brand be the best way to develop loyalty?

The end of keyless?

Keyless room entry is all the rage and with the Apple Watch now on sale hotels are looking at how best to implement this new technology. But will there be too many barriers for widespread adoption? We've spoken to industry experts who cite battery life and cost as two big prohibitors to keyless being a reality. A bigger question is whether keyless entry through smartphones and watches is actually helpful to the guest. Low battery, lack of the correct device and seamless operation all hint that we're still a while off...

That's it for the week. For more news throughout the week follow @Triptease. We'll be live tweeting from Arabian Travel Market from Monday.

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