Exclusive interviews on 4 steps to miraculous success

The last game of the season. Top of the league 'A touch too much' vs. the glorious, the fighters, the...bottom of the league Triptease FC. Here's how to tip those odds.

Each week through a bleary London winter, our Golden Boys have played their hearts out, but with training amounting to a few Triptease yoga sessions and a lot of 'Sharing Lunches', well, there have been some narrow defeats. And some not-so-narrow.

It looked bleak. In fact, for the last game of the season ,we were prepared for nothing less than a massacre.

Little did we know what magic Team Tease could work. 4 - 1. FOUR - ONE to TRIPTEASE. Check out the video below for match highlights and exclusive interviews.

Here are our top tips for miraculous success in Football (and everything else):
4) Practice makes perfect

To be a Rocketship, you have to persevere. Victory went to the team who showed up to run their socks off every week, to the goalie who 'you know, isn't even that bad' (thanks, Matthew), to the inordinate amount of prematch digestives provided by office-mum, CG.

3) Careful Analysis

We are obsessive about learning. In fact, Data Scientist Jacques could hardly refrain himself from analysing the play; ball possession, shots on target and of course the carefully calculated gem 'they do run around quite a bit'.

2) We are One Team

Did I mention that last time? An exceptional team, Tomasz Tunguz tells us, is about harmony and mutual support. Nailed it. The players, the support, the sales reps friendliness to the ref... each goal was a goal for all of Triptease, not just those on pitch.

Some highlights from the support:

‘Stop complaining and run’ ‘Have a break have a kitkat’ 'Have a pop!' 'Don't do anything crazy'
1) Crowd Pleasers

Finally, a football star has to deliver Customer Wow. And from GG's streamlined grace to Will's suddenly absent top, it was wow all round. Oh and did I mention Triptease won? In the words of a certain french fan, 'Allez Triptease!'

All in all, it seems it was all 'a touch too much' for the opposition. Bottom of the league? They were just teasing...



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