We love travel. We love everything about it. The hotels, the restaurants, the bars and the wild beach parties. We believe getting out your own front door and heading off to a new destination might be the healthiest thing you can do.

Travel reviews are a decade out of date. Travel, perhaps the most photo-worthy of all pastimes, is overrun with dull, anonymous text reviews. It's time for a makeover. We put photographs at the heart of Triptease. The process is easy, but the result is powerful. We help you create reviews worth sharing with the world.

We Believe

  • Photos are a powerful shorthand for our experience of the world. Let's put them front and centre.
  • Reviews should have a human face. We operate a real-name policy.
  • Quality matters more than quantity. We don't want to know about all the world, just the best bits.
  • A good story will always beat a laundry list.
  • Writing for ourselves and people with similar obsessions can only be a good thing.
  • One personal review holds more value than ten woolly ones.
  • The reviewer is as important as the rating.
  • Good design should be accessible and empowering.

We added these and a few others into the Triptease special sauce.
We hope you enjoy

For those in the industry

This is a new kind of social site for travel. We're working with the industry. Please contact and we can set you up with a special account so that people know who you are. Encourage guests to create and we'll also link back to your site.