We build digital tools that
re-unite hotels and their guests

Our products:

1. PriceCheck - best rate always guaranteed

2. Digital Postcards - referral marketing

1. PriceCheck

The Triptease PriceCheck widget sits on your
booking engine and displays live prices from
around the web. This gives customers the
confidence they need to book direct.

You’ll also save your guests valuable time -
reducing their online research efforts.

For a simple widget it packs a punch

  • Prove that your prices
    can't be beaten. Drive
    direct bookings as a result
  • Educate consumers on
    the additional value the
    direct channel now offers
  • Receive alerts if your rate
    is beaten so that you can
    be sure to take action

Want to drive more direct bookings?

2. Digital Postcards

Our digital postcards form the missing link between social media and direct bookings.

Every postcard contains a call-to-action that incentivizes
the friends of your guests to book your hotel direct.
At last. ROI on social media.

How it works

  • A single (hotel-branded) email is sent to guests during
    their stay. They are invited to send a digital postcard.
  • In minutes they will create and share a digital postcard with
    friends on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.
  • Friends are incentivized to join your email database
    and to book direct.


Unhappy guests can respond to the in-stay email. Providing you a service recovery opportunity before they walk out the door.

About us

Triptease is on a mission to reconnect hotels and their guests.

Charlie Alex Alasdair

Set up by three friends and lovers of travel – Charlie Osmond, UK Young entrepreneur of the Year and member of The British Airways Business Advisory Board. Alasdair Snow, globetrotter and product mastermind. And Alexandra Zubko, previous Head of Strategy at IHG.

Desperate to improve the arduous travel planning and booking process, we spent three months working from hotel lobbies in central London. It was there we came to understand the pain middlemen are inflicting on hotels - blocking relationships, charging commissions and focussing on high-pressure sales tactics over great travel experiences.
In response we launched Triptease to improve online travel and reunite hoteliers with their guests. Go home middleman.

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